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The House is Too Big without You – Going back to B&B in Pembrokeshire

fishguard bay and lower town pembrokeshire evening

Fishguard Bay and Lower Town

This is a big house in a beautiful country. Too big for just the two of us. Time to open the doors to B&B guests again. We remember how much fun it was last time.

My daughter was mocking me the other day as I wrestled with an article. “Another tough week at work!” she said and pantomimed delicate rapid little typing motions, “Ooh my job is so hard!” She then fell off the chair laughing at her own wit.

I admit, I don’t have the most strenuous of jobs; I sit a lot and I make stuff up and correct the stuff other people have made up. Sometimes I do some heavy fact checking. Occasionally I have to learn about something weird very quickly, like the composition of reefs off Mauritius where the thresher sharks live. Every now and then I speak to a real person. Well, I spoke to someone last week. In Argentina. He was very nice.

I don’t get out much. I don’t see many people. I have rooms I haven’t gone into since last year. I think it’s time we did something about that.

When we lived in Turkey we rented out the studio of our house there. It was a huge success; we met lovely people, a lot of whom are now good friends – waves to Graham in the sky and Jason and Sirem in the foothills and the growing Cope family in Paris enroute home from Ireland and Devika and the baby watching the sunrise on the Himalayas. The international crowd was good for combatting my tendency to lurk in a room and just read stuff. Their fascinating tales flowed out and around me and seeped into my stories and what they taught me became part of the background knowledge that sloshes around in my brain.

Cooking for the guests made me happy. I found that food as a way of speaking and showing is a universal language and has its own poetry. I developed strong ideas about what hosting means, about the generosity that has to be behind it to make it work. How guests give us so much just by wanting to come to where we are.

Let’s do it all again, here in Pembrokeshire.

We’ve converted two of the spare rooms to bedrooms with their own bathrooms. We’re listed on AirBnB because we like the system and it will hopefully continue to bring us the kind of people we can connect with.

Being close to the ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare and just a few minutes from the beaches and walks of the Pembrokeshire national park I hope we’ll attract people who like independent travel. Nick is enthusiastic about new people joining him on dog walks through our woods and fields. I’m keen to try out new recipes – I really like my banana oat pancakes breakfast – and even though I will still spend most of my time sitting on my backside doing light typing I will have to move more and engage and chat and explain and welcome and that’s good for my life balance.

There is more on our rooms HERE and if you know anyone who want to book a laid back and friendly B&B in a country house in Pembrokeshire please send them my way.

gramarye boutique b&b pembrokeshire

Gramarye Boutique B&B