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The House is Too Big without You – Going back to B&B in Pembrokeshire

This is a big house in a beautiful country. Too big for just the two of us. Time to open the doors to B&B guests again. We remember how much fun it was last time. My daughter was mocking me the other day as I wrestled with an article. “Another tough week at work!” she said and pantomimed delicate rapid little typing motions, “Ooh my job is so hard!” She then fell off the chair laughing at her own wit. I admit, I don’t have the most strenuous of jobs; I sit a lot and I make stuff up and […]

spring in aegean turkey

Turkey and Greece – as I remember them

It is two years since we left Turkey and there are days when the memories rise up thick and fast and I yearn to go back and do it all again. We were so lucky to live there at the time we did. It gifted us some beautiful bittersweet memories. I remember Kirazli in the Spring, when the first of the cherry trees burst into blossom and the last of the snows on Gul Dag caught the pale pink of their blush and glowed too; in the sunset, in the dawn, in the waking warmth of a high speed spring […]


National Pet Month – An update on our International Animals

As it is National Pet Month I thought I would give an update on our animals. We have been back in Pembrokeshire for just over two years and our Turkish dogs are now Welsh dogs, thicker of coat and used to the doggy free for all of the beaches and fields where people are unlikely to heave a brick at them. Shadow is now well into her middle years, her muzzle is greying, the white patch on her chest spreading and by the evening she is a little stiff but she still lopes with that glorious graceful stride and lies […]

dawn on plumstone rocks pembrokeshire in November


Hello, thanks for dropping by my online home. This site covers writing, life in Turkey and rural West Wales and our boutique B&B here in Pembrokeshire, where you can relax and be truly welcome. The site has been running for a long time, evolving all the time (sort of like me) and it covers topics as diverse as living abroad and running a business, learning to scuba dive, cooking seasonally, travel in Wales and particularly Pembrokeshire, exploring off the beaten track Mexico and the occasional article on writing. There are some pretty photographs, some purplish prose, some useful information for […]

sunrises that sing

Southern Yucatan Trip Report

This is the southern Yucatan, a land where the roads run out after running straight for hundreds of kilometres. Where the vanishing point you drive into can mesmerise you and the emptiness feels post-apocalyptic.


Entranced by the light – Glaslyn Estuary, Porthmadog

The right kind of light wakes me. I was deep in a weird dream and the light must have prodded and poked at my closed lids until I opened my eyes and looked out of the low window and saw the sunrise on the long ridges of ripples in the sand. “Finally, golden light!”           I wriggle to the end of the bed, accidently kicking Nick who grunts and mutters “What?”           “Sunlight,” I say, “Dawn sunlight.”           I grab my small GoPro camera from the cluttered dressing table and kneeling on the carpet, my elbows on the cold smooth slate, I press […]


Having Heart – A trip around Wales

I have travelled all round Wales this week; a road trip that took us east to Brecon and Monmouth before turning North and following the marches up to Shrewsbury where we veered back west and trailed the river into the iron heart of Wales at Llangollen and then on into Snowdonia through the slate slab mountains and the realm of the Grey King to the wide estuaries of the north coast where the lost lands lie under the cloaking sands.