Playing with my poisoned pen…writing for Perking the Pansies

I write nice things, normally, and I tend to play with words and I find this village so beautiful and life here so fascinating that I tend to write prose so purple it should be edged with ermine. But I owed a guest blog post to my acerbic friend Jack of Perking the Pansies and he insisted that I get in touch with my evil side and as he put it “release your inner bitch”.

My inner bitch isn’t that deeply buried so I managed it and you can read my guest post here – Shaken not Stirred or if you live in Turkey here Networked Blogs – Perking the Pansies

I have of course taken deep exception to Jack’s introduction to my post and his theory that what I write may actually be a load of fragrant flannel. How dare he, how very dare he! And as he has threatened to visit I have already been out polishing the goats and throwing pretty kilims over the more unattractive old people.

I just hope that’s enough, we’ll see in the New Year, when two cosmopolitan boys from the city expose themselves to village life.