The Progress of the Project – House Elements

Designing and planning the House Elements project, our boutique tourism business for sale in Turkey, is taking up every minute of my life – I’ve not been diving for ten days!

One of the really good things about a new building project is the breadth and variety of the things you work on in connection with it. There is no way you can get bored! When you aren’t working on the actual building plans and wrestling with the software that will render it in 3D you are developing the interior design plan and hunting for finishes, objects and textures that define it.

When you aren’t doing that you are working on the business plan; studying the market, refreshing yourself on the statistics, immersing yourself in the tourism sector you are appealing to and building in all the aspects that will go towards making a successful, sustainable business.

Then when you aren’t doing that you are studying thermal mass statistics, building regulations in Turkey (including future standards), eco building and sustainable building methods and how they apply here.

Truly, specialisation is for insects!

Whilst I’ve been studying, plotting and planning I’ve also been writing posts for the project website and here is a round up of the latest articles. If you want to read the articles just click on the titles.

Apologies to all my Facebook friends who have already seen these posts, I’m honestly not trying to spam you to death on this; it’s just such a big part of my life at the moment so it is only right that it be part of the blog here.

Much more than somewhere sunny with a pool! What Boutique means in a Tourism Context – Boutique gets seriously misused in a tourism concept and here are my thoughts on it. This is the type of tourism I like working with, it appeals to my belief in giving more than we are asked for and in providing people with a real connection to the places they visit and some great memories.

Inside my head: Mood Boards for the Duplex Suites – Homes are more than four walls and a great view, the feel of the interior, the theme and ethos that runs through the interior design is really important to how welcoming it feels, how relaxed and friendly. These are the mood boards for the two Duplex Suites that form the main front building of the House Elements project.

House Elements: 3D Animation of the Project – not many people can look at a flat architects plan and imagine it up and out into three dimensions. It’s a really difficult thing to do and even hardened professionals can struggle with it – basically I can visualise sizes because I know my kitchen at home in Wales was 6 metres long by 4 metres wide and so I base my visualisations on multiples and fractions of that well remembered volume of space. You use what works basically to imagine scale! These days we have all sorts of software aids to help us project our plans into three dimensions and here is the 3D animation of the House Elements project – big innit!

Going Green in the land of cement: Sustainable building in Turkey – sometimes the stated intent to Go Green can seem like just another cunning marketing plan but I think it should be much more than that and I’ve been reflecting on the practical reasons why we should build sustainable buildings here in Turkey, this is my long winded reasoning on why it is worth going green.

I think I need a day off after all that! If the wind drops – it’s currently gusting a good ‘un here with a warm, wild wind from the south – I’ll go diving tomorrow because there can’t be many diving days left this year and I need to be under the sea.

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  1. Your writing on boutique hotels is intriguing. I always wondered what they actually mean. And I now wonder whether the owners of boutique hotels really run them as such.