pwllderi from garn fawr pembrokeshire

Blessed by the sun – this year so far in Pembrokeshire

When, spurred by guilt, I started to compile these photos the sun was blazing on Pembrokeshire. It was the warmest day since the dry grass smelling, dusty laned days of 1976 (I remember it well, those days when I was tanned to a single whole freckle and my brother’s hair was chalk white in the endless sun). I thought we were in for another such summer, maybe we still are, the forecast looks good. Today though the rain has returned, coming in bursts, and the relentless swish wash of it falling from the trees around the house makes them sound like waves rolling on pebble banks.

Still, it has, so far, been a beautiful year. Winter was mild, with infrequent frosts and the last storm of Spring rushed towards us driving black heart clouds before it and the gale whipped the white cap waves to froth in the brilliant sunshine that followed. Storm Doris was wild but beautifully lit.

Now in the long slow days of summer, with the wild flower boom over and the high grass, swallow swooping fields turning gold in the sunlight we enjoy Pembrokeshire, one day at a time. We love the hot days and we also love the refreshing drizzle days because we remember how we longed for them when we slow roasted in Turkey!