Kirazli Village from life in a Turkish village to returning to live on the Pembrokeshire coast. A journey by Karen Phillips
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This is Pembrokeshire, the original home, the place to come back to, from time to time, this is one of those times!

During my years away I remembered that Pembrokeshire was beautiful, I remembered it was home and I remembered the rolling sea and the rushing wind but I had forgotten the specifics.

How could I have forgotten the daily delights? The white flash of a swift's belly as it barrel rolls above the long silver waves of the grass in the five acre field; the slow colour changing, gold to midnight blue lightshow of the sunsets; the taste of the first dressed crab of spring, creamy white and rich tan, such depth of flavour, marinated be the sea. Now I am back and discovering it all again and loving every day. Read more >>>

I'm Pembrokeshire born and bred but I took a long time to come home. I've travelled the world, lived in some weird places, had some bad things happen and yet I still think I am lucky.

I am probably one of the most optimistic people on the planet....  Read more >>>


I'm available for freelance writing projects; producing individual, bespoke content for websites and articles. I specialise in writing about Pembrokeshire, Turkey, food, small businesses and strangely enough economics! I am particularly good at bringing a unique edge to tourism projects and off the beaten track travel destinations.

To discuss this website, freelance work, whether writing or photography, you can contact me by Clicking Here >>>

Being Koy is the blog I have been writing for the last eight years. From Pembrokeshire to Turkey and back again in prose (mainly purple) and pictures (mainly pretty). Sometimes it wins awards.

There are articles about living as an expat, banking abroad, scuba diving, buying and renovating property, loads of recipes, restaurant reviews and advice on running a holiday rental. Basically it's a right old mish mash of stuff now!

If the blog has a theme it's optimism and being positive because I could moan for Britain if I started but who would want to read that! So underneath all the advice and the lectures and the (very) pretty pictures it's about getting on with things, learning every day and making the most of this life.

Currently I'm writing about moving back to Pembrokeshire and rediscovering my home county. I'm also a bit obsessed with wildflower gardening and renovating my poor neglected house here so expect to see quite a lot about Farrow and Ball paint and bamboo floors! Read more >>>

Selected articles

Because I'm Welsh - Moving home

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Italian Grape Cake Recipe

Buying Village Houses in Turkey

One of Pembrokeshire's thousand islands

From 2005 to early 2014 I spent most of my time in Turkey, on the Aegean Coast. My late husband and I built a boutique hotel and renovated a stone house there and after he passed away I stayed, writing and scuba diving and cooking and hosting guests from all over the world who were keen to see the real Turkey.

I was joined in 2009 by Nick and we gradually acquired assorted animals including Shadow, Emma and Evil's the cat.

Our time in Turkey is covered in the blog but for the highlights of life on the Aegean..Click here > > >

When my husband died I realised I had very few photographs of him, we had been so busy living we didn't keep any reminders. I think we thought we had forever.

Ever since I have been obsessive about photographing things - places and dogs and cats and food (but never in restaurants!) and sometimes people when I'm not too shy.

Month by month the image bank grows, during our time in Turkey it charted the seasons on the Aegean and now it will do the same for Pembrokeshire. The most recent results are on the blog but here are some favourites See More >>>

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