waves at Pamucak

Popping out to do the shopping

It’s Saturday afternoon, time to do the weekly shop, not really a major chore in Turkey in spring time. Normally Nick goes to the market because he likes shopping and I like time to myself but with the sun shining after a few days of rain it was good to get out. At this time of year before early morning shopping becomes a necessity because of the heat we can take our time and so we stopped to admire the aquaduct on the road to Selcuk and took a quick detour down to Pamucak beach to see how it had […]

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen – At the Very Least Good for the Soul

You know how it is, you’ve never heard of something and then you discover it and suddenly you see it everywhere and feel like a total tit for not having noticed it before. That happened to me with bee pollen. Last autumn Nick came back from the village shop with a small container of what looked like popping candy, little grains of yellow, gold and ochre that smelled of dried grasses. A spirited display of mime by the shop keeper had made it clear this was something to do with honey and bees and was “cok sağlık için iyi” (very […]

valley early march

What to do in March……

Hurray it’s spring! Bouncing into March with a spring in our steps and sun on our bones (getting old, need heat!) and a bright beautiful blue bowl of a sky above us. It was an incredibly wet winter this year but mercifully short and we’ve been out and about in t-shirts already, the doors and windows of the house are all open during daylight hours and the dogs are basking in the sun in the courtyard. We haven’t needed heating at all for the last week and I think, on balance, judging by the buds of the wisteria and the […]

Setur Marina Kusadasi

What’s Turkey like in winter – part one

Is it cold in Turkey in winter? The short answer is yes. There is a longer answer, so please read on. Most people are shocked by their first winter in Turkey, they have a moved to a country they probably knew in summer when it melts or in spring when it blooms or in autumn when the Indian summer runs and runs and runs on through a glowing October into sunlit November. January can be rather a surprise after all that heat. Particularly as the kind of houses most expats buy aren’t really designed for winter living and have all […]

That was the season that was – we’re all on wind down in October

“How was the season for you?” I ask Bora, a friend in Kusadasi. He smiles widely, “For me it was good.” He says, “For me it was a very nice season.” “You’re the first person apart from me I’ve heard say that!” I tell him, because basically, this October, most people I speak to in the restaurants and shops have been moaning about how bad a season it has been. “Ahh” says Bora, “If you spend 2 million lira over the winter on credit and only make 1 million lira during the season then for you it will have been […]

mascerated cherries

Baked Cherry Cheesecake

I haven’t done a recipe for ages, let’s do a recipe! It’s not that I haven’t been cooking, I just haven’t been writing down what I have been cooking and Nick has been inhaling everything as soon as I make it – honestly you’d rather keep him for a week than a fortnight as my Gran used to say. We’re also really busy with guests and a big new building project (More coming soon on that!) which is taking loads of research as it is green as well as traditional. The cherry season has just finished here in Kirazli and […]

That was April – between can’t and can.

April is not the greatest month for me, despite everything around me growing and blooming and waking up I tend to turn inwards and get quieter and more shut down as the anniversary of Phil’s death approaches – four years now, seems like yesterday and million years ago. Nick realises this and tries to make April cheerful and busy and every time I curl inwards mentally he comes up with something new to make me get out and about, trips into the mountains, days at Teos and Sigacik, ideas and plans and projects bubbling away. He tries so hard, bless […]