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Wave Therapy

It has, in short, been a dreadful summer, not weather wise but emotion wise and more things have gone wrong than it is fair to expect. My Dad was already ill when I returned from Turkey; he just hadn’t mentioned it, as is often the case with gentlemen of his generation! Sadly he got worse and whilst being treated for leukaemia he developed an infection that proved intractable. He passed away at the end of the summer despite his own determination and the strongest efforts of the High Dependency Unit in West Wales General Hospital. He put up an amazing […]


Camel wrestling in Kirazli – we do things the ole fashioned way

“I don’t really want to go.” said Nick when Mehmet, the neighbours son turned up at the door one evening last week to collect him. “I don’t get it and it’s too cold to strip down to my shorts.” “Just go and watch” I told him, “It’s part of village life, you have to join in, I helped butcher the neighbours goat last Bayram and you have to go to Camel Training. It’s a sport, its healthy, its like cricket, I don’t get that either but you English seem to like it!” Mutinously he went and Mehmet was of course […]

The Seven Links Project – reflecting on blogs

Dear Jack, that washed up pretty boy over at Perking the Pansies laughed at my workload and decided to nominate me for the Seven Links Project which was started by Katie at Trip Base The idea is for bloggers to reflect on their work and share their thoughts by linking to posts in certain categories and so the whole blogging community learns a little. As I have “reflective practice” running through my bones like a stick of Blackpool rock (along with “Do your homework”) I had to comply and so put other stuff aside to think about the posts I […]

Performance Anxiety

Ever since I had a chap visit and sneer at my neighbours for being “poor and backward” I have had performance anxiety on behalf of the village. To be fair it turned out that the man was recovering (badly) from a brain injury and apart from being mad as a box of frogs he had zero impulse control and an empathy bypass, but I still worry that my purple tinted prose may have given visitors an unfairly rosy picture of the place. After all this isn’t Disneyland and not everyone sees the things I see and sometimes goats smell and […]

I’m not even a niche, I’m barely a nook!

Sometime during the night before last, when I was tossing and turning and being woken by the unfamiliar drumming of rain on the roof, my website went past 100,000 visitors. Now that’s not much in internet terms but for a non viral, non porny, personal site like mine it’s a huge number, and when I think that 100,000 times some person some where chose to come here I feel a bit overwhelmed. That’s a lot of people showing an interest in a tiny part of a vibrant country that is so full of fascinating niches that my little village is […]

My Beloved Husband

The day after I wrote my last entry on this site my beloved husband, Phil, died in Turkey. It was sudden and shocking.  It happened at the end of a lovely day where we had pottered around the house and garden and enjoyed the sunshine.  Just a normal day in Kirazli. He was only 50.  He was full of life and fun and if I hadn’t stood there and seen it happen I would not believe it.  Sometimes I still don’t believe it anyway. I was the last thing he saw, mine was the last voice he heard. I am […]

A Breath of Fresh Air – Ephesus Boutique Hotel

I often get very downhearted with the houses in Turkey; with every property developer within a five hundred mile radius throwing up complexes and packing soulless boxes cheek by jowl it often feels that the lifestyle and quality of living of the prospective purchasers is the last thing on their mind when they take up their pens.  So I was really pleased when Phil and I finally got to meet the owners of the Ephesus Boutique Hotel in Kirazli. As builders and designers they were a breath of fresh air. This passionate couple have a real love for the village […]