Having Heart – A trip around Wales

I have travelled all round Wales this week; a road trip that took us east to Brecon and Monmouth before turning North and following the marches up to Shrewsbury where we veered back west and trailed the river into the iron heart of Wales at Llangollen and then on into Snowdonia through the slate slab mountains and the realm of the Grey King to the wide estuaries of the north coast where the lost lands lie under the cloaking sands.


Newly Agented Author – Think of it as like a racing stable

I don’t want this blog to turn into a look at my writing journey thing because honestly I’ve been writing Being Koy for more years than I care to remember and it has always had loads of variety; recipes mixed in with a little advice on living and working abroad, scuba diving and travelling, and a lot of pretty pictures of Turkey and Pembrokeshire. I’m happy to leave it like that, it works, and it suits my grasshopper mind. But there will inevitably be a few posts about writing and this is one of them. I have made myself a […]