spring in aegean turkey

Turkey and Greece – as I remember them

It is two years since we left Turkey and there are days when the memories rise up thick and fast and I yearn to go back and do it all again. We were so lucky to live there at the time we did. It gifted us some beautiful bittersweet memories. I remember Kirazli in the Spring, when the first of the cherry trees burst into blossom and the last of the snows on Gul Dag caught the pale pink of their blush and glowed too; in the sunset, in the dawn, in the waking warmth of a high speed spring […]

Ozel reef dive

Diary of a diving day…

Early morning – I’m lying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off. My internal alarm woke me up a few minutes ago and I’m watching the sunlight on the pine forests and the mosque minaret and thinking “I need a gallon of coffee” and “I can’t face breakfast” but I have to eat before I dive. Looking out of the window at a cloudless deep blue sky and a few hints of morning mist hanging over the orchards on the valley floor I see the wind has finally dropped and its going to be a good diving day. […]

Kamil Cavern Kusadasi 1

A beautiful day of diving in the Aegean

Some days it all comes together on a dive; the shallow caverns, swimthroughs and underwater rock falls swarm with fish, the light is just right, the camera behaves and your buoyancy is perfect and you can hover in the blue light and take pictures that really look like what your eye sees. Sunday was one of those days, a flat calm early summer sea, clear water and perfect diving conditions here on the Aegean. We’re diving with Active Blue Dive Centre out of the Ephesus Princess hotel in Kusadasi, these pictures are taken on Pamucak Reef and Kamil Cavern which […]

reef fish pamucak reef

Five Reasons to Learn to Dive in Turkey

When we talk to people visiting the area about scuba diving so many say “I’d love to try it but I don’t know if I’d like it!” and many more say “I wish I had thought of it before I came and prepared!” Neither of these things is a particular stumbling block to getting in the water. A Discover Scuba dive is a great idea if you think you’d like it but aren’t sure and with the degree of hand holding you get it’s a safe and controlled way to see if you like it. Scuba isn’t for everyone, my […]

Before you take up diving…some things you should know

I am a naturally fair person, if I write only glowy happy stuff I get guilty and I have to go away and write the other side of the story because that’s fair and stops people from making huge errors in judgement – boy did they brainwash me with the informed consent stuff back in the day! So to balance the incredibly gushy posts I have written recently about the joy aquatic please note the following issues should you decide to take up diving, particularly if you are female :- 1. VANITY – If you are vain you might as […]

Playing Away – Diving Adabanko Reef and Barbarossa Reef Kusadasi

Ever since I started diving I have been under the watchful gaze of my instructors at Active Blue (www.activeblue.com), they’ve trained me, guided me, mentored me and managed my baby flippering. I think they’ve done a good job, I certainly feel happy down there and I’ve taken additional courses above my Open Water cert and I think I’m doing pretty well. But there is this nagging doubt, this little ego whisper; am I good because I’m good or am I good because I’m with them? It’s time to step outside of my home dive sites and dive with other people, […]

Beyond Open Water Certification – When my inner geek meets my inner adventurer

Scuba Diving has a massive attrition rate; the percentage of people who having achieved their Open Water Certificate never dive again is high, estimates range between 50-80%. Nobody knows the real number because after that initial certification from the official agencies people may never again come within the record keeping sphere, they are free to dive anywhere that will take them on the basis of that certification and their degree of participation in the sport isn’t officially recorded until they again undertake some form of official training. The vast majority of divers are holiday divers, happy to take a dive […]