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Kirazli stone village house – one summer’s night

I just noticed that the website went over 250,000 hits this week. It’s a small number in popular website terms but in terms of a site about a tiny village in Turkey where only 600 people live and nothing much happens it’s a pretty amazing number. To celebrate going over the quarter million here are some picture taken by one of our lovely guests, someone who got on a plane and flew thousands of miles to see this village based on the stuff on this site – have you any idea how much that means, not just to me but […]

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How to be Koy – Buying in the villages in Turkey – Updated 2013

If you are interested in owning an income generating property in a village in Turkey please see our house for sale at Kirazli Village House for sale This rare stone villa is an established and lovingly maintained home having been lived in year round for seven years. Whilst suited to a multitude of uses including home with art gallery, day spa or yoga studio attached the house currently generates exceptional income over a 10 month season purely by renting out the studio wing to independent travellers exploring the region. Back at the tail end of 2010 I wrote an article […]

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Making money from your rental property in Turkey

The big developers that build the cookie cutter resorts that crawl across the Turkish hillsides, eating up olive groves and blasting terraces out of the ochre cliffs, are fond of bigging up the rental potential of their complexes. At the end of the day, when the glossy brochure promises have faded in the sunlight and the tapu is grudgingly handed over they tend to produce a lot less money in pocket for owners who were initially reeled in by the wildly optimistic rental projections and no mention of overheads. Why they tend to produce such poor returns is a whole […]

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A Great Little Train Trip – discovering Aydin

I like trains. Trains are cool! They are particularly cool when they are staffed by people who smile at you, when they offer you warm, fresh, sesame simits at 50 kurus each, when the trains themselves are clean and new and the price of a trip to Aydin is 7 lira return. Trains in Turkey, at least on our local main line, are brilliant. Last Friday we caught the train to Aydin for a wander around, a little browse in the shops, some snooping around the back streets and a light (ha!) lunch. It was a lovely day out, hassle […]

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Where does it all go wrong? Avoidable mistakes when starting a business abroad

I grew up on the Costa Del Sol and by the time I was sixteen I had seen pretty much every expat business mistake under the sun; I’d seen the alcoholics who bought bars, the wishful thinkers who thought Irish bacon was a unique selling point, the clueless in a kitchen who thought running a restaurant was a good idea and the really mediocre artists who would sell their soul to the devil for a single customer. Since those long ago summer days of sunshine (accompanied by the sound of cement mixers!) I’ve been in a few countries and I’ve […]

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Once more, with Feeling! Introducing House Elements, a turnkey business for sale

I’ve been wanting to write this for ages, about a year actually, because a year ago a bit of me that had been off in a corner crying since Phil died stopped sobbing and trailing streamers of snot, pulled itself together as much as is ever going to be possible and thought “It doesn’t end here!” and started to imagine again. I write (purple prose), I cook (will create a meal from nothing much), I show people Turkey (the real bit, not the boom boom, “hey lady you Pamela Anderson’s sister?” bit), but more than anything I build homes. I […]

The (first) Ten Commandments for Building in Turkey (or any other country for that matter!)

I’ve built twice in Turkey and I’m about to build again. I am at the girding of loins stage, the long drawn out planning stage because it is all in the planning and the timing. This is where I remember; where I reflect on all that I have built before and all I learnt then and since and apply it to the new project. It takes a while, but thinking is free and every lesson learnt is already paid for! Here are the basic rules of building, not the technical ones but the practical and ethical ones, the ones you […]