Courtyard and studio and Shadow

Kirazli stone village house – one summer’s night

I just noticed that the website went over 250,000 hits this week. It’s a small number in popular website terms but in terms of a site about a tiny village in Turkey where only 600 people live and nothing much happens it’s a pretty amazing number.

To celebrate going over the quarter million here are some picture taken by one of our lovely guests, someone who got on a plane and flew thousands of miles to see this village based on the stuff on this site – have you any idea how much that means, not just to me but to the village?!

I love these picture because they are a million times better than I can do and I love the depth in them and the way the light glows. They looks like here feels.

So thank you to all of you who read this site and thank you to the ones who come and see.

Courtyard and studio and Shadow

Courtyard and pool one summer's night

The studio at night

If you are interested in owning this income generating property in a village in Turkey please see our house for sale at Kirazli Village House for sale

This rare stone villa is an established and lovingly maintained home having been lived in year round for seven years. Whilst suited to a multitude of uses including home with art gallery, day spa or yoga studio attached the house currently generates exceptional income over a 10 month season purely by renting out the studio wing to independent travellers exploring the region.