Legends in the land – Drovers’ roads and forgotten woodland

These frosty November mornings are wonderful, the dogs are excited by the spring step cold crunch of the grass and our woods are full of ice cauled leaves that chime as they fall. On the old drovers’ road beside the house the leaf litter is deep for kicking and underneath the iron hard ground is pitted with fox track, badger tread and the scratches of squirrels. The dogs are in scent heaven when my daughter and I take them for their morning walk down to our woods. My woods are a sharp triangle of folklore and myth caught between old […]


Christmas about to come – the best of Pembrokeshire in the run up to Christmas 2016

There are ghosts in all we do at Christmas; memories of memories tied up in red ribbon and smelling of cinnamon and oranges. I love that here in Pembrokeshire the rolly polly ghost of Christmas past is still around, laughing his great rolling laugh, and I find him every year in the familiar places and long running county traditions, of shopping and eating, and making ready for Advent. Vincent Davies Department Store, Haverfordwest Vincent Davies, the department store on the outskirts of Haverfordwest, has been a favourite of our family for generations. Our grandparents, along with all the old county […]

sunrise from plumstone pembrokeshire

Plumstone sunrise – Winter walks in Pembrokeshire

There is a supermoon aching in the sky, it makes the nights restless and full of strange dreams. As an antidote to the weird, and it has been a weird few weeks, we get up and get out early into the fresh Pembrokeshire air. The last stars are still visible in a dark blue sky when we load sleepy but definitely up for it dogs into the car and drive the ten minutes to Plumstone mountain, just the other side of the Landsker line, between Hayscastle and the sea. It’s not cold. This long lingering autumn has been unusually warm […]


What are you doing for Christmas? Festive season breaks in Pembrokeshire

I was going to call this an Adults Christmas in Wales as a bit of a riff on Dylan Thomas’ much loved work (I read it every year) but that sounded a bit iffy in this entendre rich world so instead I’ll just ask, what are you doing for Christmas? Undoubtedly you have been asked already – I have, about five times – and this year the answer is, we’re going to host Christmas breaks in Pembrokeshire. We’re going to cook loads of food, chop loads of logs, light lots of candles and just be welcoming and relaxing and laid […]

Strumble Head Pembrokeshire

Strumble Head Summer – Pembrokeshire in July

Strumble Head was quiet when we dropped a picnic over to our latest guests on Saturday afternoon. In the glorious sunshine a few photographers quietly worked their way around the view whilst a trickle of hikers arrived off the Abermawr to Strumble section of the coastal path. There isn’t anywhere to get food on the path between Abermawr and Fishguard and so we thought a picnic delivered to their half-way point was a great incentive for the guests. We parked at the lower car park and stopped Indie, daughter’s portly Labrador, from beetling off up the road in search of […]

gramarye boutique B&B pembrokeshire

The House is Too Big without You – Going back to B&B in Pembrokeshire

This is a big house in a beautiful country. Too big for just the two of us. Time to open the doors to B&B guests again. We remember how much fun it was last time. My daughter was mocking me the other day as I wrestled with an article. “Another tough week at work!” she said and pantomimed delicate rapid little typing motions, “Ooh my job is so hard!” She then fell off the chair laughing at her own wit. I admit, I don’t have the most strenuous of jobs; I sit a lot and I make stuff up and […]

All websits should have a cat - here is Terror

National Pet Month – An update on our International Animals

As it is National Pet Month I thought I would give an update on our animals. We have been back in Pembrokeshire for just over two years and our Turkish dogs are now Welsh dogs, thicker of coat and used to the doggy free for all of the beaches and fields where people are unlikely to heave a brick at them. Shadow is now well into her middle years, her muzzle is greying, the white patch on her chest spreading and by the evening she is a little stiff but she still lopes with that glorious graceful stride and lies […]