The Confetti Days of May


Hawthorn in May

Pembrokeshire in May is like standing at the kissing gate of a country church celebrating an old fashioned wedding. The air is full of flying blossom like confetti and the shades of pink and white from the hawthorn, the cherry and the apple whirl joyously across the garden as if thrown by playful angels.

We have a bumper blossom season this year; the winter was mild, March came in like a lamb and only managed a half hearted roar on the way out, April was blessed with quick showers and surprising sunshine and now May is wind tossed and bright breezy and the blossom is everywhere.

Whilst the undulating fields of flowering rape and the hedgerows of glowing gorse turn the wider Pembrokeshire countryside brilliant acid yellow here in my sheltered garden, against a delicate green backdrop of rapidly unfurling leaves, everything is blooming white.


The last white hyacinth

The hopeful saplings of pear, plum and apple, in what we laughingly refer to as the orchard, are heading into their first season smothered in blossom and flanked by the more robust trunks of the old white cherry and gnarly apple that have survived my intermittent enthusiasm for gardening this last decade or so.

The last of the hyacinths are being hidden by the spreading swathes of wild garlic that have migrated from the bridle path to the garden hedgerows and have even established a foothold in the centre of the front garden, giving the massive old sycamore that dominates the garden an incongruous froth of lacey white at the base of it’s elephant skin trunk.

Soloman's seal blooming in the garden hedge rows

Soloman’s seal blooming in the garden hedge rows

What makes me happiest though, amongst all the jollity of blowing blossom and extravagant flowering, is that my Solomon’s Seal has survived another winter and it’s magic of rapid growth, elegant curving stem and delicate bell like flowers is again to be found amongst the excesses of the hedgerows. I do love this plant, it’s my favourite until the aquilegia season comes again and their little fairy faces replace the bells of May.