National Pet Month – An update on our International Animals

As it is National Pet Month I thought I would give an update on our animals. We have been back in Pembrokeshire for just over two years and our Turkish dogs are now Welsh dogs, thicker of coat and used to the doggy free for all of the beaches and fields where people are unlikely to heave a brick at them. Shadow is now well into her middle years, her muzzle is greying, the white patch on her chest spreading and by the evening she is a little stiff but she still lopes with that glorious graceful stride and lies […]

Mr Evils – the killer in a fur coat

First there was Shadow, then there was Vinnie and then Evils arrived. Evils was my Christmas Kitten, he arrived on Boxing Day all big eyes and baby fluff with the sweetest, cutest, most adorable long lashed expression on his little face. He looked like the sort of kitten that gave Garfield nightmares. He was small enough to sit on the palm of my hand and he did, perkily upright, bright white bib smartly groomed and pale pink nose twitching. He was utterly beautiful. I loved his soft fur and his fat little baby tummy and his plump little paws. As […]

Vinnie – An accidental adoption

When guests come to stay we have to explain about our adopted dog Vinnie, otherwise they’d be straight on the phone to the nearest animal welfare group who would be compelled to launch affronted Facebook pages against me for the state of this wretched animal. Vinnie appears to be practically dead. He is a dog that has given a sterling performance of being on his last legs for the last three years and yet still manages, on sight of a rival, to connect with his inner wolf and summon the primeval beast from within and attack anything. He is, in […]

The sea turtles return to Kusadasi

We used to have a home on an island in the Caribbean and here, between May and October, the great sea turtles would come ashore to nest. Both loggerhead and green turtles, many over 5 foot long, would haul themselves ashore, painfully slowly make their way up the shallow shelving beaches and laboriously dig nests in the sand before laying their eggs and then, exhausted, struggle back to the sea. It was an amazing thing to watch. Shepherded by the watchful island wardens who kept them safe during this vulnerable time the turtles were massive and slow but relentless and […]

In which Mr Evils suffers a decline

A couple of weeks ago Evil’s wandered into the house announcing his royal arrival by yelling his head off as usual, suddenly he stopped, went cross eyed trying to look at his own nose, yowled mournfully, coughed a couple of times and then threw up a hair ball roughly the same size and shape as Madagascar. Now despite his swaggering insouciance, faultless arrogance and high self esteem, or possibly because of these, this hairball incident horrified him. Evil’s is a young cat and he had never been sick before. The process obviously signified deep and desperate illness to his nasty […]

Remembering to open my eyes to what is around me

Every day I notice the beautiful things about life here, the sunflower sunrises, the pomegranate sunsets, the quick changing light on the pine trees in the morning and I forget to notice the people things because they are now so familiar. The stuff that the travellers who come here notice about life and living here is now part of the fabric of my reality and it is only when I explain things to them that I remember how different this place really is. My neighbours all cook on open fires, pretty much all year round, and many of them are […]

The Well Behaved Pets of Turkey

I have loved all of my animals but some have been a bit of a trial – Oscar the Great Dane ate a sofa, a whole one.  Jazz the golden retriever was so thick he regularly ran straight into road signs and was often to be seen bouncing off the village name sign back home in Wales.  Coke, the chocolate Labrador was so highly sexed you picked his sticky blanket up with tongs and boil washed it.  He specialised in passionately making love to his blanket whenever anyone visited.  Kimi the Maine Coon was less embarrassing apart from when she […]