Studio Life in Kirazli

A romantic retreat

Spring is here, all of our routine maintenance is done, the pool is sparkling, the shutters are teak oiled, the Studio is freshly painted and we’re all ready for the first guests of the new season. Despite turning down a lot of bookings in January and February because we thought we were moving we’re booked for Easter and have only a few days free in May so it’s all good.

Our guests are independent travellers exploring Turkey and doing their 21st Century Grand Tour and so they tend to stay a few days and then move on to the next big attraction. Most tend to book late and we’re really flexible about last minute bookings and that helps keep the occupancy up.

With the new wall colours warming the light the studio is really inviting and sunny and I’m really pleased with the way it’s looking.

This is the studio in Kirazli and it’s available for rent for singles wanting a relaxing break discovering the real Turkey or couples wanting to find the romance in Turkey just off the beaten track.

Have a look through the gallery for latest pictures of the studio.

For reservations, special rate enquiries or booking just email us from the contact page of this site.