Finding Peace

It doesnt take a lot to make a Turkish person happy.

The other day we were exploring and got lost on the road to Iassos.  We drove up hairpin bends and through forests of mighty fir trees with truly scarey drops on the other side of the road.

After driving what felt a lot more than the 14km the sign promised,and finding ourselves on yet another mountainside, we stopped to ask  directions of a man sitting by the side of the road.

He was perched on a log just over the edge of the gravel road, below him was a shear drop and an amazing view out over the plains to the distant misty sea.  We politely asked if this was the road to Iassos.  He laughed, said he didnt know, he wasnt from here, he had just stopped to admire the view.

This is not unusual.  All Turks love a good natural view and will happily sit for hours just contemplating it.  We left him to it and continued in our Iassos search.

Some days later I watched one of our workmen.  He was keeping the Ramazan fast and whilst the others had retreated to the kofte house for a lengthy lunch and a gossip he was reclining in the sun on a pile of old terracotta roof tiles, just watching the mountain that rears behind the village.

His face was totally at peace and he had a dreamy half smile on his face.

Be happy, find a great view and get out of your car and enjoy it.  Smell the pine trees, feel the sun’s warmth, remember the simple things in life.  This is the Turkish way to peace.

October 2006