Seker Bayram 2006

All last week was the buildup to Bayram, the “candy” celebration at the end of Ramazan.  There was a palpable air of excitement among the village children and certain air of “not enough time left” amongst the women.

Fortunately we chose this week to demolish a roof and so the village had a very welcome supply of free wood to keep the fires burning and huge quantities of Ramazan Bread, Baklava and cakes progressed through the ovens.  The smoke from all the cooking fires hovered over the village like a fragrant mist, mixing woodsmoke, fresh bread and sweet syrup smells.

Bayram day itself saw the children in their new outfits going door to door kissing hands and smiling happily in return for sweets and money.  I didnt realise there were quite so many children in out village!