A Taste of Rustic Italy in Kusadasi

Last night we found the most amazing little Italian restaurant.

Opposite the Charisma Hotel in Kusadasi and just up from the famous Anteple Restaurant is The Spaghetti House – a tiny little speciality restaurant with only six gingham covered tables and hosts who love the food they cook.

We had a simple green salad for starters which came with warm chunks of rye bread studded with olives and goat’s cheese.  The salad was simple and beautifully dressed.

For main courses we had Gorgonzolla Fillet Steak and Porcini Risotto.  Everything was cooked to perfection.  The fillet was a melt in the mouth  tender from an animal that clearly never broke a sweat in it’s life, the gorgonzola sauce was creamy and had just the right consistency to coat the meat with yummy cheesyness.

My risotto was heaven, a rustic and hearty bowl of soul food well spiked with young vigorous porcini and the rice firm to the bite.

All this served with a smooth red wine and excellent filter coffee.

The chef admits to being self taught out of a love of Italian food brought on by many visits to Italy.  He read books, experimented and brought in supplies himself from Italy before he was happy enough with the result to open his small restaurant.

This lovely intimate place is managing to bring the glorious rustic flavours of Italy to Kusadasi. We’ll definately be going back for more.

October 2006