Cornucopia – Turkey for the open minded

Cornucopia Magazine

There is something hugely uplifting about Cornucopia, the tri annual magazine and online site that cherishes Turkey. I like to think of it as like the best baklava, the kind that gets offered on very special occasions, the kind that is layers of crisp goodness and bursts of exotic flavour and texture without the cloying sweetness of the more mainstream versions.

Cornucopia describes itself as for “connoisseurs of Turkey” but I prefer to think of it as Turkey for the open minded, for the people willing to consider this country as something more than a strip of hot sand between the mountains and the med or a hyperbolised headline in the Daily Mail.

Like the Gezi park protests galvanised a generation and blew creativity into every artist from Galata tower to Gazientep so Cornucopia’s online blog has responded to recent events and has found a new energy and an increased determination to show the true Turkey, the vibrant, living, inspired and inspiring Turkey that should be celebrated.

Recent blog articles have covered the 13th Istanbul Biennial on contemporary art –Access all areas/. A lovely piece on Hüseyin Çelikel, a 64-year old shopkeeper who started painting the steps in Istanbul – Rainbows end. And August travels to the Turquoise Coast – The seaside beckons. All accompanied by the high quality photographs that Cornucopia is justifiable known for.

In addition to the invigorated blog the online site has great resources for travellers, guides to the regions including wine tours and off the beaten track gems, some excellent hotels and museum guides.

You can also buy books from the site, order back issues or browse the events guide for exhibitions, lectures and speciality tours both in Turkey and overseas.

Cornucopia celebrates all things Turkish, it does it with passion and honesty and insight and I can’t think of any other resource online or off that has quite such a great attitude to this country. Don’t just wait for the magazine, explore Cornucopia online and discover Turkey.