Getting the Day off to a Good Start – Breakfasts in Kirazli

I do try hard when people come here to stay. Apart from making the studio as nice as possible if people are eating with us I want to showcase what produce we have here and how we live and eat. It’s all part of the taste of village life experience and given that I am so happy when people want to come here and experience the village I do tend to go a bit overboard!

One of our breakfasts, using only seasonal produce and as local as possible

I don’t often do evening meals because we have so many great and inexpensive restaurants to choose from here and I think if I’m promoting the area then guiding people to the local restaurants is the ethical thing to do.

But we do often give guests breakfast and we try really hard to make it different, make it interesting and especially if they are staying for a few days we want variety in there.

Frittata, cherry and plum tomatoes and goat's cheese with chilli

A Turkish Village Breakfast is a wonderful thing, and I have written about them a lot and I can thoroughly recommend the ones here in Kirazli as a rich seasonal smorgasbord of organic produce and interesting dishes. Our breakfasts are not traditional village breakfasts but they are variations on a theme and they are rather different to the bland buffets most tourists get exposed to in the mainstream hotels.

The guests this week are vegetarian and other than that they are really easy to feed as they will try anything and they love their food and food travels which makes it a joy to feed them.

On Saturday morning we did a pretty traditional Turkish breakfast with two varieties of olives, three cheeses including goats drizzled with olive oil and scattered with local dried oregano, hard boiled eggs tossed in olive oil, a salad of two different types of tomatoes, village bread and sesame smits still warm from the baker and several varieties of home made jams.

All of our cheeses come from my favourite cheese producer in Selcuk, they are locally made and whilst they are always slightly different in texture and taste they are always amazing.

Home made (like you could buy them!) cheese scones and village butter

Bowl of Grape and Melon in a light saffron syrup

Sunday morning we went for a frittata of red peppers, golden cherry tomatoes and potato with a hint of hot chilli, a grape and melon fruit bowl in a light saffron syrup, a choice of cheeses this time scattered with my neighbours dried chilli flakes, home made cheese scones and village bread.

Frittata of peppers, potatoes and golden cherry tomatoes

This morning we served a round of batter bread (sort of like a really big muffin) which had been rubbed with olive oil and garlic and then baked, topped with mushrooms a la grecque and a slice of sheep’s cheese. Along with this was a salad of two types of melon, goat’s cheese and mint, olives and bread with jams and village butter.

Tomorrow I’m planning to make a parcel of cheese, tomato and potato inside one of the huge tablecloth sized gozleme rounds – I can never remember their proper name – it will end up sort of like a quesadilla but much fatter! That should set our visitors up nicely for the next leg of their journey when they leave here and head south towards Fethiye, Patara and ballooning in Cappadocia and hopefully we will have given them a gentle introduction to life in Turkey and they will have an amazing time during the rest of their holiday here.