Ham Sandwiches & Chandeliers

When I returned to Turkey this evening a crescent moon was hanging over Kusadasi harbour, a fragrant mist of woodsmoke and grilling fish scented the air and the temperature was 15 degrees warmer than that of London which I had left 4 hours earlier with icy rain and hail lashing my plane.

It was good to be back.  The lights of the harbour glowed through the mist and the sound of Turkish music lilted from the restaurants over by the Marina. 

I had been back to the UK to pay the bills, hug my daughter, buy a new camera and buy stuff for the project.  Two weeks of Welsh gales, torrential rain and a garden like a swamp had rapidly worn thin and it was great to be back in the rather more temperate Aegean.  Okay, it’s not sunbathing weather really but it is calmly beautiful and cerulean blue skies and turquoise seas are infinitely more cheering than sullen low cloud and the green grey waters of the Irish Sea.

So here I am, I have run the gauntlet of Gatwick’s ever changing security systems, two chandeliers I was shipping have survived the rigors of the Izmir luggage carousel (watch your stuff catapult onto the conveyor!), and I brought quantities of ham sandwiches for my happily unclean husband!  The sandwiches have been wolfed already, the chandeliers are safely stored ready for their hanging time and the shooting stars are streaking the night sky over Samos – all is well with the world.  Welcome back to Turkey!
posted 25-11-2006