Latest Pictures & Congratulations

It’s been too hot to crawl around taking pics but I got up early this morning and took a few.

I am really pleased with the kitchen, it turned out just how I wanted it – a country kitchen in a Turkish koy.  And that was no easy feat given the usual type of kitchen that gets bunged in here.  So we have plate racks and glass fronted cabinets and a double porcelain belfast sink and a wheeled butchers block, so it all feels a bit like home.  We’ve also just managed to get a huge gas bbq for the garden which has yet to be christened but I’m sure I’ll cook something one day!

The garden borders are coming together now although I have to buy more pots this afternoon for the new bourgainvillia and the two palms.  Depends how hot it gets I suppose!  Our pot supplier is very nice though, he’s happy to deliver and to provide the toprak to fill the pots.  He has the most adorable kitten at his garden centre and I have to be restrained from enticing her into the car every time I see her because she is so full of personality and I miss having a cat so much.

Some of the plants had to be moved this week as they prefer the sunny lower courtyard corner rather than being over by the pool.  This involved dragging them around the pool perimeter on a sack as they are pretty big.  We were dripping by the time we finished that.  In fact all jobs currently involve half an hours work followed by a swift pool break!

Huge congratulations this week to beloved daughter who survived the stress of A level’s and produced a stunning result and is now going off to art college full of the confidence she should have had years ago – yes Naomi, you are that good!  Mummy is very proud!
posted 18-08-2007