Latest Pictures – July 10th 2007

I should have uploaded these 10 days ago but I was so depressed with the UK weather that I couldn’t face wrestling with the website.

I popped home for a quick break to see beloved daughter and check the house was still in one piece – it is, or at least I think it is, it’s hard to tell due to rampant garden growth obscuring the place in a Sleeping Beauty castle type way.

The UK weather is horrendous.  We have had two severe weather warnings in the last week and another one for tonight.  I am catching the Monday evening flight back to Bodrum from Bristol which is sooner than I expected but I can’t get anything done in the garden here so it will all have to wait until September.

Here are the latest pics of the Kirazli house taken before I left Turkey, there will be more just as soon as I get back.

Here is the pool waterfall working beautifully now the marble has been installed.

The studio ensuite worked out well and we are just waiting for the curved glass shower screens for this and the blue bedroom ensuite to make a successful journey from Istanbul.

The washstand for the ensuite came out nicely and I’m very happy with the distressed finish to the laryx wood.

I do adore the studio bedroom, it is so cool and the very high ceilings, curved back wall, quirky shape and dark beams give it real character.  I splashed out on the Ralph Lauren bedding but it was worth it, it is so smooth and soft.  We had a lot of trouble fitting the blue glass plaque lights above the bed as the wall is curved but we managed in the end.

I am all shopped out here, Laura Ashley kindly opened a new store in the nearest town and despite only finding out about it on Monday I have been there three times this week, working on the basis that if I am not paying for postage then I can spend more without guilt!  Looks like its going to be another excess baggage debacle at the airport.
posted 19-07-2007