This Week in the UK and Kirazli – Feb 20th 2007

The other day Sezai was squatting outside the project carefully straightening bent nails with a hammer.  “I will sell these.” he told Phil.

“Those were my nails, if you sell them I want 20% commission.” said Phil, attempting to be Turkish.

“We split it 50/50 and that’s my best offer!” retorted Sezai

Phil wandered off to bang his head against a wall.

In the mean time I am in the UK with the unenviable job of collating and packing all the stuff I have bought recently, ready for shipping to Turkey.  The new British Airways rules make it somewhat simpler in the pricing but more complex in the packing if you want maximum value for your excess baggage.

I have to photograph everything I have and put the pictures into the room layouts in my sketchbooks or I will forget what I have and end up buying excess stuff because something adorable catches my eye.  The only thing that keeps my mad buying in check is the thought that if I buy it I have to lug it personally all the way to Turkey.

I was lazy at Christmas and didn’t photograph what I was shipping in the New Year so opening some of the boxes already in situ will be fun – I know I definitely shipped a chandelier and a toile bedspread but god knows what other little treasures I managed to tuck in around these things.  Fortunately, by the time we open them I can legitimately claim I can’t remember what they cost!

The room layouts are coming together now and I think I have a good choice of fabrics for blinds, curtains and upholstery.  I wish I had more room for paintings but I have 12 packed so far and if I buy more I will be in serious trouble husband wise.

Meanwhile in Kirazli, Spring has really and truly arrived and I get several smug text messages a day along the lines of “Gosh it’s hot here” and “Working in my shirt sleeves in February in great” etc etc.  Most thoughtful, I am in Wales with grey skies, mist and a few limp daffs whilst in Kirazli the almond trees are a starry splendour of blossom and the cherry trees are bursting out all over.

Oh well, soon be back.

posted 26-02-2007