Today in Kirazli – 19th June 2007

Ahhh peace!

All the workmen are finished.  Fehmi and his crew left for home last night and we finally shut the gates and have the place to ourselves for a few days – until they come to finally fit the stairs.

I enjoyed a lovely late night swim last night.  It was so peaceful lying in the cool water after the heat of the day.  As I was lying there a huge owl swooped silently overhead, off to hunt something small and defenceless in the verges of the pine forest.

We lit candles and put them in Lumieres I brought from Mexico years ago.  They are a wonderfully atmospheric way of lighting the courtyard at night.

Up early this morning to escape the heat of the day.  Yesterday we planted fragrant jasmine – white, pale blue and dark blue.  The white jasmine is being trained to grown through the courtyard wall railings along with the grape vine.  Given how fast things grow here the whole railing will probably be entwined with jasmine and grape in a couple of weeks.

I took a few pictures before the sun came into the courtyard.  The sun is full on the courtyard by 10am at this time of year and I might get a little sunbathing in today as we are on our own and I won’t offend anyone!

Time for a breakfast I think – maybe a little British bacon and eggs as a treat!
posted 19-06-2007