And it’s a project wrap for the Stonemasons

Well the stonework is all done.  The exterior wall is up closing in the courtyard and boy is it huge, nearly three metres high at the entrance gate.  The Grim Renderer finished the last column last night and strolled off into the sunset with a languid wave.

With huge irony we are installing LPG central heating in 80 degree heat and yesterday I got to paint my first wall which is always feels like a huge step forward.

The poolman came this morning and installed the lights and tiling starts this afternoon so with luck, and if my lovely blue and gold glass mosaic border arrives safely from Italy, we should have a working pool by the end of next weekend.

It is getting seriously hot now and so it is time to alter the work schedule.  Work early and work late and sleep in the afternoon, so I am off for my first siesta of the season.  See you at sundown when the swallows fly.
posted 07-05-2007