Argh…and them some more argh!!!!

Busy Busy Busy here in Kirazli.

We have finally said goodbye to the Charisma Hotel and moved to Kirazli to live on the project.  The Charisma has been a great home for us for the last six months and we heartily recommend it as a base if you are visiting Kusadasi.

I would be uploading the latest photos of the project but our wretched hosting company have made techie type changes to the Kirazli Village website database and we cannot upload.  They are currently ignoring emails so I will have to upload pics to one of our other websites to make them visible on here and right now I am just too busy!

Currently we are camping here at the project whilst we wait for certain workmen to pull their fingers out and finish some stuff.  Rather a come down from the luxury of the Charisma but we are coping.

More of an update soon….in the mean time we have a super pool, adsl, a very comfortable bed and the village restaurants can feed us until the gas supply is connected.  So the priorities are taken care of!

Insallah we will be living normally within a week.

Postscript to the above – we may not have hot water in the house yet but lying on your back in your swimming pool at sunset watching the colours change on the stone walls and the swallows dive in a darkening blue sky cannot be beaten!
posted 05-06-2007