Hurriyet Daily News – Blogging in Turkey

Along with my fellow bloggers, Jack of Perking the Pansies, Julia and Barry of Turkey’s for Life and Bill of Arseaboutfez I recently contributed to an article about blogging in Turkey. It seems we all love it, we’re all addicted to it, we all work very hard at it and we’re not stopping!

Hurriyet Daily News – Blogging in southwest Turkey: The tales that wag the blogs

Towards the end of the article blogging is compared to the literary writers of the 18th and 19th centuries who chronicled their world as they made their grand tour, and whilst wildly flattering there is some (modestly minor) justification in that. We are all writing a uniquely personal social commentary about a very particular moment in time and undoubtedly, just by the law of averages, a few will last the test of time and give the future insight into life in this decade in this country.

Bags I be Freya Stark and Jack can be Byron! Because from a certain angle, in a flattering light, if he grew his hair a little he could just be mistaken for the romantic Lord. Time to swim the Hellespont Jack!

Lord (Jack) Byron?