This Week in Kirazli – March 4th 2007

Well I am back in sunny Turkey and boy has it been hot these last few days, I actually got sunburnt on Monday, which is very unusual for me.

The project is coming on in leaps and bounds and within a few days we should have the topping off of the stone walls and so within two weeks we should be ready for the roof.

It will be a relief to get the roof on because it makes it so much easier to plan the rest of the project and not be so much a slave to the weather forecast.  This time last year it rained for two weeks solid and the project we were working on at the time got off to a very soggy start!

The stonemasons have done a cracking job and the walls are lovely.  The stone is a warm honey colour and the lines are gorgeous  Never thought I would get excited about managing to get a wall built in a straight line, but this is Turkey, so that´s an achievement!

The valley is really waking up now and the fields are carpeted in poppies and daisies.  On the edges of the forest bluebells are growing and their sweet hyacinth scent is lovely, so much stronger than our poor weak British bluebells.

We have a day off today as it is market day in Soke and all our men are off spending the wages they got last night, so we are off to Izmir for a poke around the Forum in Bornova and a huge portion of Ikea meatballs.  Sezai has been left guarding the project and is lurking ready to pounce on any trespassers.  As usual, he is armed to the teeth and is just gagging to accost somebody, as he hasnt had any action since someone tried to nick a bag of cement two months ago!
posted 07-03-2007