Too Busy to Write – so here are some pics

I am so busy at the moment!  I have popped back to the UK for my daughter’s 18th Birthday and to pick up a couple of showers and I only have 12 days to get myself organised to go back to Turkey.

So here are a few up to date pictures of our stone house project in Kirazli and some pictures of the blossom in the valley, because I have to be a bit arty!

Yeah – roof time!  The first King beam going into place.  When they start the roof you know the end is in sight.

It took over a week to get all the king beams in place, it’s a very tricky roof.

I climbed onto the roof of the studio to take this picture.  It’s so hard to get the whole project into a picture as its pretty big. 

All go on site last Monday.  Metin is working on the pool pump chamber, the guys are scrambling all over the roof treating the safety harnesses we bought them like fashion accessories.  Phil is trying to be in three hundred places at once and I am wandering around getting in the way and bumping my head a lot.  I’m okay, it was only mild concussion!

The men take a break from heaving (with remarkable patience) the sandstone boulders that go around the pool steps into place.  It was hot that day and I felt so guilty.

Bird Island on Easter Sunday.  It was a glorious day, flat calm and with two huge cruise liners in port.  I barely missed having an easter egg!

The valley is looking lovely at the moment.  The wildflowers are fantastic, loads of brilliant red poppies everywhere.  The peach blossom is going wild this year and the trees are weighed down with it.  I took some pictures for my daughter who has her A level Art final piece exam in a few days and is doing flowers.

I’ll update this blog in a few days on the state of the project and the latest happenings in Kirazli and Kusadasi.
posted 14-04-2007