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Posts about life in Kirazli Village in Aegean Turkey and scenes from village life.

View Larger Map “A” marks the spot. It’s hard to miss actually, it’s on the left just after you enter Aydin from the motorway, on the D550 through town, and it’s a salmon pink and pale brown colour. They tend to close early for lunch and open late so getting there before 11.00am is the best idea as they will be closed between 11.45 and 13.30. Once inside you turn left and go to the Yabanci Subesi on the ground floor – the Alien’s Department. Here a pressed upon young man, all alone amongst 8 desks, surrounded by a massive pile of paperwork and hovering over a drawer full of official stamps, will guide you through the process. He doesn't speak English but it's pretty obvious what you are there for. He will give you a form to fill in to apply for the Residents Permit. You can download a form beforehand from various places online but they tend to prefer that you fill in the form in front of them for some reason so it’s often not worth it. The form is in English and Turkish. Once completed you hand him the form along with your paperwork and he looks it over. If all is okay with the paperwork he fills out a payment request which you will take to the tax office where you will pay for the permit. The price will be in US$ but you will pay in TL at the daily exchange rate. Now you have to find the tax office, the Vergi Dairesi, sometimes called the Maliye. You can get a Number 7 dolmus opposite the police station or you can get a taxi or you can walk. Here’s another of those helpful Google Map things to help you decide if you want to hoof it or not - Maliye Tax Office Aydin
View Larger Map Essentially, if you look at a map of Aydin, the Police Station is bottom left and the Tax O

Getting your Residents Permit in Aydin

Nick wandered off to Aydin for his Resident’s Permit this week, I couldn’t go as I was on a writing deadline and had to get four new chapters to my Agent by Thursday (love to Agent, she is so nice!) and so he went alone…